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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Artist Statement


Since my early childhood I have always had a great interest in art. I followed this with a specific course in model making in Paris, and then had to put my interest aside for a while. In my recent years at Plymouth College of Art I have discovered the pleasures of working and experimenting with glass as a medium.
My current work explores the natural beauty of the female body where the glass is shaped and moulded so that it can be worn over the skin as body adornment in the form of a corset. My pieces are semi-functional, but still sculptural.
Diana Dias-leao glass dresses have been my main source of inspiration; the bras collection by Laura Jacob has also inspired me too. Jenni Dutton’s conceptual clothing has the most influence my latest work
Throughout my work I am trying to express the beauty and the complexity of the female body; strong and yet fragile.  Glass represents both these qualities. My work also incorporates real snake skin which is stretched over part of the sculpted glass. As well as the recycled aspect of the glass, this secondary medium is added to further emphasise the renewable qualities of the skin, which sheds itself to regenerate the exterior body. This natural process should ask us to reflect upon the ability to re-use and re-cycle other material.
Many processes are needed to recycle the glass and to transform it into the final artwork: washing, cutting, crushing, slumping, polishing the glass (which mainly consists of spirit bottles). The importance of creating an ethical and sustainable practice is very dear to my heart. This is why I endeavour to use recycle glass.

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